5 Hijab Styles that you need to try



Every day you have to be original when you put on your Hijab. You want to be fashionable and decent at the same time, so it takes quite some time before you are ready to go out. On the other hand, there are dozens of new hijab styles that you can try, so all you need to do is to get some pins and some patience and start the work! Theses are 10 new styles that you should approach:

All black and gold details… now that’s something that you can’t miss! It is suitable in any day, no matter if you are out with your friends or you are presenting a project at work. Plus, it’s super simple to create and you don’t need to be a master in clothing.



Wear many shades of the same color. This look is simple, but impressive and it can make you look good in one of the bad days. Simply put together different shades of the same color, and make sure you build your look around one central piece. How does it look?


If you want a sport look but you still want to wear a skirt, try this look. It looks cool and comfortable and you can wear it anywhere you want. Keep it all black or play with different shades if you are in a colorful mood.


Neon colors are amazing for the summer, and you can wear them even if you wear a Hijab. As a matter of fact, a Hijab in bright yellow looks great, as long as you put it next to calm colors. Make sure that you wear a lipstick to match your new look, and you keep the accessories as neutral as possible.


Are you in a rush and you don’t know what to wear? A black-and-white outfit is everything you need, and it is so easy to create it that you will look great no matter what you wear.



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