3 ways to style your Abaya


563d094c5e4eeb6f1800d05808a4d290For some people, Abaya is a plain black dress. For Muslims, however, its significance goes beyond fashion and clothing. It is an entire concept that reunites modesty, delicateness, femininity and functionality in one single piece. Did I mention how incredibly comfortable it is (no, we don’t feel hot in it)? Now, no matter what type of abaya you choose to wear, I am sure that you want to look the best in it. These ideas will come in handy next time you want to go out and you are sick of your old Abaya:


Add a belt. Yep, that’s it! A belt can change your entire outfit and it can convert any dull Abaya into a piece that you can wear at a fancy restaurant. Choose something that will pop out, a metallic or colored belt.




Wear an open Abaya over trousers. Sometimes you need to run errands, to travel or to go from here to there very fast. If your Abaya seems uncomfortable at this moment but you still want to look modest, wear your favorite trousers under it. If you combine the colors right, it will look extremely fashionable and modest at the same time.




Wear your Abaya over a neutral outfit for a night out. When you go to a family gathering it can be tricky to find a modest, but luxurious outfit. Well, here’s the solution: get an Abaya in your favorite color, preferably a bright one, and wear it over a simple pair of trousers and a neutral shirt. An oversized necklace with complete the outfit and make you shine!






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