5 Steps to Improve Your Communication Skills

d06bfb748344a042ac51340b67a06e2cGood communication skills are key in any kind of a relationship – including a romantic one. If you can’t communicate, everything else just goes off. Read the following tips on how to develop good communication skills.


1. Be Clear

You can’t expect him, or for that matter anyone you talk to, to read your mind half the time. It’s important to always say exactly what you want them to hear, and not beat around the bush and expect them to get your point and understand what you mean.

That way the misunderstandings will be brought down to a minimum, and the person you are talking to will always know exactly what page you’re on.


2. Know Your Boiling Point

And then, if you get the feeling you might be getting too close to it, do what’s necessary to take a step back from the situation, and stop the conversation from turning into a heated argument.

Take a deep breath, go get a glass of water, and cool off before getting upset gets in the way of you hearing what the other person has to say. Say what you need to without being influenced by the fact that you’re starting to lose your temper.


3. Nonverbal Communication

Body language speaks louder than words, and people do notice the way you stand, where you look, are you jumpy etc. when they’re talking to you, more so on the subconscious lever.

So, since the way you present what you need to say is important, try to be aware of all these things and take control of what you’re conveying nonverbally. Furthermore, as communication is a two way street, make sure you’re paying attention to the body language of the person you’re talking to.


4. Stand By What You Said

Communication is more than just talking. Saying words in the most perfect way, means nothing if you don’t back it up with your actions too. As a matter of fact, words lose their worth when it turns out they were just that – plain words.

So, practice what you preach, walk the talk, and always act according to what you’ve been saying. Once someone gets the impression you’re all talk and not much else, there’s not much you can do to improve that image. This goes for every life situation – parenting, friendships, relationships…


5. Be an Active Listener

Being a good listener is a necessary quality for being a good communicator. Reacting to what you hear, by at least nodding once in a while, maintaining eye contact and responding accordingly, is a clear sign you’ve been paying attention.

That way you are giving the person you’re talking to the respect they deserve. No one likes to feel like they’re talking to a wall, and getting no feedback is exactly what makes someone get that feeling.