5 things to do to prevent pimples


A few years back, I started to notice on my skin more and more pimples and blemishes. For a person who never had skin issues, this was a big problem. Was I doing anything wrong? How do I make it stop? After a few days of research, I discovered that my skin care routine was not great. I was removing my makeup and applying a moisturizer, but nothing more. Here are 5 things that you can do to prevent skin problems.

  • Alternate the temperature of the water. When you wash your face, you usually do it with warm water. This may be comfortable, but it will not do you any good. Warm water opens your pores and allows you to clean your skin entirely. However, this also means that your pores will remain open for the next few minutes. In this time, impurities will touch your face and stick to your skin. The solution is simple: after you finished washing your face, rinse it will cold water.
  • Change your pillowcase. We all change our sheets every few days, but if we have a sensitive skin we will get pimples. Imagine this: during night all the hair products that you use end up on your pillowcase. From there, the impurities will easily get on your face. Try to use a sterile pillowcase or a satin one, that will not damage your skin.
  • Use a toner. Many women, especially the ones with dry skin avoid to use a toner. They assume that this will steal all the moisture from their skin. Well, that’s not real; there are many toners on the market that are suitable for dry and sensitive skin. It will clean and sterilize your face and clean your pores. You have nothing to lose!
  • Don’t touch your face. It sounds funny, but it’s the best advice that you can get. Just try to imagine how many germs you have on your hands after a day outside. You touch doors, chairs, food, subway walls. If you continue to touch your face after all of this, don’t be surprised if you get a pimple every week. Try to get rid of this bad habit, or at least use a hand sanitizer as often as you can.
  • Don’t try to remove the pimples by yourself. It’s tempting to do this, maybe you will get rid of it faster. The problem is that this will make even more pimples appear. When you squeeze it, a big part of the content goes outside (yuck!). However, there is a small amount that will go under your skin and stay there, clogging the pores around the area and creating more problems. If you must go to an event and you have to remove your pimples, go to someone professional.