7 ways to use Vaseline




The beauty magazines are raving about this product in the last months, but why? Well, apparently Vaseline (or petroleum jelly) has many interesting and useful properties, and it can be used to replace… anything! Even more, the producers noticed all the hype and now they added flavors and scents to the original Vaseline. Isn’t that awesome? I will tell you 10 different ways to use it; now you will understand why it is a “must” in your beauty kit.


1. Use it instead of hand cream. Some of us, with really dry skin, need to go out with at least 2 types of lotion every day. This can be exhausting, so why not use Vaseline instead? It does not moisturize per se, but it does create a barrier that will prevent the moisture from going out.

2. Use it instead of eyebrow gel. If you are in a┬árush and you don’t have time to perform the entire “eyebrows ritual” you can just put a tiny bit of Vaseline on your brows. Boom! They will stay in place all day.

3.Use it on your earrings. Many women (including me) have very sensitive ears; this means that almost any earrings we wear, we will get irritated. To prevent this, dip the earring rod in some Vaseline and you’re good to go.

4. Use it on your cuticles. If you have very dry hands, you also have very dry cuticles that are almost impossible to remove. Well, not if you soak them in some petroleum jelly first!

4. Use it on your hair. It will not heal your split ends, but it will make your hair frizz- free and shiny. Isn’t this what any girl wants?

5.Use it on your wrist. Apparently, if you put some Vaseline on your skin before applying perfume, the scent will last longer. It’s worth a shot!

6.Use it instead of makeup remover. It’s not something to do every day, but if you are out of cleanser and you have no alternative, Vaseline will do just fine. It will clean your face and make it soft in the same time.

7.Use it to protect your skin when you dye your hair. I was used to applying some hydrating cream on my forehead when I was dying my hair. The bad point was that regular cream will soak in eventually; of course, not Vaseline!


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