Autumn trends: Burgundy makeup



You’ve seen this colour everywhere and you have to admit: it looks good. However, not many women dare to wear it; it needs a lot of care and precision, not to mention a very fine taste in choosing the other colors. Well, it’s time to try it! For sure it will make your outfit look chic even if you are out with your friends or having an elegant dinner. Keep these rules in mind when you go for burgundy makeup:


  • Always use a lip pencil. We all know how amazing a burgundy lipstick can look; it will give you that sophisticated look without even trying. On the other hand, it’s very easy to mess it up. Of course, this bold color will be obvious on your chin every time your lipstick does not stay in place. To prevent any accident, make sure to use a lip liner before you apply the lipstick. The liner can be in a nude colour or, even better, in a dark red.


  • Forget about the rose-pink blush. In the summertime, a pink or coral blush will make you look fresh and glowy. Well, in the autumn time you have to choose deeper colors, that will match your lipstick. A dark bronzer will do the trick if you don’t like the idea of a plum blush.


  • Keep the rest of your face “clean”, especially if you wear this lipstick in the daytime. A dramatic cat-eye can be matched only with nude lips, and the same goes for dark smokey eyes. Don’t worry; a mascara and a blush will be more than enough to complete your makeup and to make you look like a movie star.


  • For a night out, play with different shades of brown. You know that in the evening, you can go for a more powerful makeup. Even so, don’t use blue or green, as these shades will never match your burgundy lipstick. Choose brown, beige or plum shades, that will contour your eyes without looking like “too much”.
  • The last and the most important thing is to keep your head high! The best thing to wear with a burgundy lipstick is self-confidence!