Back to basics: how to wear stripes

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Every time I see someone wearing stripes, I think about summer. The navy-blue shirt with a white pair of sunnies; the image of vacation. However, it’s not so easy to wear stripes and look fashionable. This pattern can easily become “too much”. Take a look at these pictures to know how to build an amazing outfit for this summer.


Striped pants are the perfect choice for an elegant, but relaxed outfit. You don’t have to worry about the rest of your appearance, because simple accessories are the best.




If you have one of those days when nothing seems to look right, go for a stripped skirt. It will make you look chic without any effort.





The best appearance for summer: stripped shirt, white jeans and a casual denim jacket. If you want to make a statement, you can combine this with a pair of bright colored shoes.

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Stripes and denim will always look good together; especially if we are talking about jeans and striped shirts. Since your outfit is simple, you can wear any hijab you want from bright pink to light grey.




The perfect example of how you can make stripes look elegant. A cocktail dress does not have to be shiny to look good; less is more. Of course, if we don’t count the amazing maxi necklace.





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