Beauty Blender 101



Over the years we applied foundation in different ways: with our fingers, with a brush, with a makeup sponge and so on. However, in the last period of time one specific tool got more popular than anything else: the beauty blender. This egg-shaped sponge is different from any other, and it is one of the best tools that you can add to your makeup kit. Here are some tricks on how to choose it, use it and clean it:


  • Don’t buy fake ones. Yes, they look the same and they feel the same, so why is it a big deal? Well, first of all, the original beauty blender is made from a special material that is meant to last longer, to absorb water properly and to allow you to apply foundation perfectly. Any other similar sponge that you find on the market is made from an ordinary sponge and this is not something that you want on your face. The original one is more pricey, but it’s definitely worth the money. It will give you an airbrushed finish and it will last for months.
  • Never use it dry. This sponge is not meant to be use dry under any circumstance. A normal sponge absorbs any liquid, right? Well, this is why you have to fill it with water first. Keep it in water for a few seconds and you will notice that it gets bigger and bigger. After that squeeze it in your hand, to make sure that no water will come out. Now when you will apply your foundation, it will not get absorbed by the sponge itself because it’s already filled with water. Smart, right?
  • Put a tiny drop of your liquid foundation on it, and start blending it on your face. You need to press the sponge on your face, so the makeup will really stick to your skin. If you make swiping moves like you do with your brush, you will not apply the product evenly. Use the pointy end of the sponge to apply the concealer under your eyes.
  • After you used it a few times, you will have to clean it. Putting it under water is not enough to remove the makeup. On the market there are several cleansers for your beauty blender, but for the sake of this article let’s suppose you don’t have one of those. What you will use instead is baby shampoo. It has a very soft formula that will not damage the sponge in any way and it will not add chemicals to it. Put a tiny drop of shampoo in a bowl of warm water, soak the beauty blender in it for one minute then squeeze it. Repeat this process a few times and your sponge will be like new! If you take care of it in a good way, it should last about three or four months.