Breakfast Ideas for Ramadan


As much as we love Ramadan, we can not deny that it is a hard month. Stopping yourself from food and water for an entire day is very difficult, so you need to prepare every meal carefully. The breakfast or “Suhoor” is the most important meal in this month. You must get a lot of nutrients from this meal if you want to feel fine until evening. Here are some breakfast ideas that are not only tasty, but also extremely filling:


  • Chia seeds. Well, of course you will not eat only a few chia seeds for your breakfast. Although this would be filling, it is not very tasty. Chia seeds don’t have a powerful taste; that is why you can combine them with anything. They release energy for many hours, and they will ease your digestion. Sprinkle one teaspoon over your salad, omelet or toast.
  • Veggies Omelet. This is for many people a regular breakfast, but it is actually one of the best things that you can eat before you fast. The eggs have enough protein to keep you going, and the veggies will provide the necessary vitamins and minerals. Add tomatoes, broccoli, corn and spinach for a filling and tasty meal.
  • Soy. No, you are not turning into a vegetarian. Many people seem to think that they need to eat meat in the morning if they want to have energy all day long. However, it takes a lot of effort to digest meat. This will make you feel heavy, slow and tired. To prevent this, eat soy; you can prepare it in many delicious ways. It is easy and full of nutrients.
  • Dairy products. Unless you are lactose intolerant, dairy is a great thing to have before a fasting day. In this case, a yoghurt and fruit smoothie is everything you need. Add some fat yoghurt, a spoon of oatmeal, some berries and a piece of avocado. Blend everything and enjoy!


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