Clean eating: is sugar dangerous?




We all like sugar. We enjoy a good Ice Cream in a hot summer day, a cake after dinner or a soda after lunch. All these seem great, until we realize how bad they actually are. Of course, too much sugar can make us gain weight, but the negative points go way beyond this. Apparently, sugar is one of the most dangerous aliments present in our diet, and we should do everything we can to avoid it. Why is it bad?


  • It causes addiction. Yes, that’s correct. Many studies show that sugar is causing in our brain a similar reaction to the one that we have when we consume alcohol. ┬áIt seems like nothing, but the truth is that on long term, this can become dangerous for our health. The more we eat sugar, the more we crave sweets. If we don’t have it, we feel the persistent need to eat a piece of chocolate. Actually, we take all the glucose we need from fruits and vegetables, so any other dessert is too much for our body.
  • It can trigger mental problems. It sounds very dramatic, but it’s real. Researches show that some genetic disorders are triggered by a high consumption of sugar, and not only this. When we are upset, we eat something sweet because it makes us feel better. Even so, the excess of glucose can cause anxiety and depression.
  • It can cause diabetes and obesity. These two are considered the most common diseases of the century. This is because nowadays, there is sugar in absolutely everything. Chips, mayonnaise, bread, they all have enormous quantities of sugar. Why? Because it will make our brain love that particular product, and we will crave it again. It is a marketing technique that unfortunately can destroy our health.
  • It will make us age faster. No, sugar does not make your skin glow. Actually, it will make wrinkles appear faster, it will cause pimples and spots and damage our skin. There are countries where people eat a very small amount of sugar, and their life span is much bigger than usual. For a healthy life, we should limit ourselves to the sugar that we take from fruits!


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