Curling Iron Hacks



When you want to get perfect, curly hair, using the curling iron is the easiest thing to do. It does not take a long time, and the final result is always spectacular. There are, of course, many new things that you can learn and you can create different hairstyles with minimal effort. Here are some hacks that you can use next time you curl your hair:


For sure you wondered at least once why your curls are not as tight as you’d want them to be. The answer is easy: you are not using the correct iron size. Take a look at this picture to see exactly what kind of wand you have to use:



For busy, agitated days you need a natural hairstyle to make you look flawless. Tight curls are not always suitable, and you want something that will emphasize your natural beauty. For a casual look, curl your hair away from the face, like shown below:


Sometimes you don’t have time to style your hair in the way you want, and you need to get effortless curls in the shortest time. Instead of spending time curling each piece of hair, let your hair air dry over night and curl just a few pieces in the morning.





You want to get loose curls, but they seem to come out in the wrong way every time? Surprise, surprise: it’s all about the way you hold the iron. If you hold it vertically, you will get loose, natural curls. If you hold it horizontally, you will get tight, elegant curls:



Every once in a while, you will notice that your hair gets greasy every time you use the curling iron. This is not a strange phase of your hair, but all the products and dust that are on your curling iron. To solve this problem, clean your iron every few weeks. Let it warm up, then rub it with a wet sponge. That’s simple, right?