Different types of Tea for your day



As you know, Tea is the most healthy beverage that you can have. It does not have any chemicals or artificial coloring, and it can make you feel good even in your worst days. All you have to know is which type of tea is appropriate for your needs. Drink the wrong cup, and your relaxing moment can transform in something very unpleasant. I will explain to you how to solve some of your problems with tea, and how to choose the type that is right for you:


  • Don’t drink caffeine Tea at evening. It’s not coffee, so it can seem normal for you to drink a cup of black tea in the evening. However, this does have almost the same amount of caffeine as coffee does, so you will have a long and agitated night. To be sure that you will get in that sleepy atmosphere, you can drink Chamomile tea with a spoon of honey. This beverage will prepare your body for sleep and it can prevent insomnia and treat anxiety. Did I say that it tastes amazing?
  • Start your day with white tea. It is less known than the common Green Tea, but it seems to be much better. It is made from the same plant as Green and Black Tea, but the leaves are dried in their natural form, without any other transformation process. This means that all the substances found in the plant are preserved perfectly, and it is much stronger than other types of Tea. One cup of White Tea in the morning is the perfect boost that you need for the day; you will receive a big of caffeine to wake you up, and plenty of antioxidants that will take care of your slim waist.
  • Cure your stomach with Mint Tea. Not everyone likes the taste, and it can get pretty intense if you don’t like the minty flavor. However, it is a quick and comfortable way to treat your stomach without pills. Do you know those moments when you feel bloated, no matter what you do? A cup of peppermint Tea will get you back on the track in no time. The same applies if you have digestive problems, nausea or stomach pain.
  • Have Tea as dessert. Very often, you feel the need to eating something sweet after your meal, but you are full already. Mostly, you will eat something that will make you feel heavy and bloated. You have to satisfy your cravings, right? Well, not exactly. Why not replace your desserts with cups of sweet tea, like Blackberry Tea? In this way, you will not fill your stomach even more and you will drink something that is beneficial and super tasty in the same time. Try this a few times after your meal and it will become your favorite habit!


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