DIY Aloe Vera Hair Repair Secret

aloe-veraIf you want healthy, shiny hair (and a dandruff free scalp), try this DIY aloe vera recipe!

Making your own aloe hair products is pretty simple. All you need is an aloe plant, knife, bowl, blender and strainer. So, get these things together and then follow these steps:

  • Cut a few leaves off of the aloe plant close to the base of the stalk. If you have short hair, one or two will be enough, but if you have long, thick hair then you may want to cut off three or four. Go through this once and you’ll have a better idea of exactly how much you need for your particular hair length and thickness.
  • Scrape the inside of the leaves so that you remove the moist, jelly-like substance into a bowl and are left only with the outer green leaf itself. Get as much of the insides as you can, leaving nothing but the skin.
  • Put the scrapings into the blender and puree them until they are nice and smooth. You don’t have to add any oil or water to it, just use the aloe scrapings by themselves.
  • Pour the mixture into a bowl, through a strainer so that you remove everything but the remaining jelly substance.
  • Wash your hair with your regular shampoo and then rub the aloe jelly through it thoroughly. If you have a hair conditioner that you like, you can also add this mixture to it for additional moisturizing benefits.
  • Leave the aloe on your hair and scalp for roughly five minutes. If you use the aloe while you are in the shower, you can take the additional time to shave your legs or simply let the warm water run over your body and relax you. If you’re not in the shower, you can amplify the benefits by throwing on a shower cap over your damp aloe infused locks and using a hair dryer to help it soak into your hair and head.
  • Once the allotted time has passed, simply wash the aloe out and go about your regular hair care routine. You should notice the results fairly quickly and, when used regularly over time, you will have hair that is strong and shiny and a scalp that is moisturized and free from inflammation and dandruff.

If you don’t currently own an aloe plant and have no desire to, you can also buy aloe oil from most any health store and use that instead. Either way, you can get the hair that you want at home for a fraction of the price versus going to a salon and paying top dollar for expensive treatments and products.


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