DIY Makeup Bag!



Can we ever have too many makeup bags? I guess not!

I have a makeup bag for my foundation, one for my eyes makeup, one for my brushes, and a few other small ones that I carry with me everywhere. It’s useless to mention that every time I go out and I see a pretty one, I’m very tempted to buy it; I’m sure you know the feeling!

Now, as cute as they are, they can also be pretty expensive for such a small piece of fabric. Considering this, I started searching for solutions on how to make my own makeup bags, and I found this video!

You can make a small bag, a pencil case or just a pouch to keep your hair accessories. As for the material, you have the freedom to choose whatever material you want, but it’s always better to use a thick one that will last more than a few weeks. For sure you have a few old pairs of jeans around your house (and who doesn’t!) and you can use them. If they don’t have a nice color, you can use special paint to create a nice pattern. Of course, you can always add glitter or small gems as soon as the bag is done, but that’s the last step.

Apart from the material, you will also need a sewing machine. If you don’t have one, you can always make everything by hand but this might take some time, not to mention that you will make quite a few mistakes before you get used to this. Make sure that you attach a zipper to keep everything inside the bag, and you create it in the right shape and size to fit in your purse.

Are you ready to get started?


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