Do you have an old pair of jeans? Try this DIY!


Jeans are probably the most important part of your wardrobe. Even if you have just a few pairs, you have to make sure that they fit perfectly, as they can change your body completely. They can make you taller, shorter, skinnier or more curvy.

With all this, it is easily understandable why you change your Jeans every few months. You want to search for a new pair, one that will make you look even better and that will feel even more comfortable. But what about the old ones? How can you use them? Of course, you will not throw a perfectly good pair of pants simply because you don’t wear them anymore.

Well, we never run out of ideas, so this time we though we should show you what you can do with an old pair of Jeans. If you are a beginner in DIY projects, this will be the perfect thing to try before you can go for something a bit more difficult.

What do you need? Not much: an old pair of jeans and scissors! It takes only a few minutes to create the perfect denim smock! You can use it when you cook, when you apply your make-up, when you clean the house or when you work on you next DIY projects!

If you want to create something even better, you can sew the smock and you can add glitter, colors, paint, little stones or golden chains. There’s nothing off the limits, as long as you follow your imagination!

Remember, there are no rules when it comes to DIY projects, and the most important thing is to create something that will make you feel good and that will help you in the future. After you try this, take a look at our posts and see what is your next project!








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