Does detox water really work?


For years, nutritionists recommended diets that are supposed to clean our body from all the toxins that we gather. No one took them seriously, until celebrities revealed what makes them so fit and lean: detox water. Since then, the magazines exploded with different types of detox diets, thousands of different recipes and how to integrate them in your diet. Well, it kinda sounds too good to be true. Drink water and clean your body? Yep, it is possible. Here’s why:



  • A detox diet means more than just drinking water. It means to hold yourself, at least for a few weeks, from processed food and sugary drinks. Since many people drink Coke instead of lemonade, this brings many benefits. Naturally, when you stop eating junk food, you eliminate a lot of calories from your system. The result? The weight starts to melt off.
  • You drink enough water for the day. We all know that we are supposed to drink eight glasses of water daily, but who has time for that? You can’t run around with a bottle all the time. Well, if you keep a detox diet, you will drink eight glasses even more. It’s easy to commit to a diet that does not involve tasteless meals and tons of exercise.
  • You bring plenty of minerals and vitamins in your body. Detox water is not just plain water. You prepare it by adding in the water fruits, vegetables, mint or whatever you like, and leaving it in the fridge overnight. In the morning, you will have flavored water that is not only tasty, but extremely healthy. By giving enough vitamins to your body, you accelerate the natural detox process. Another advantage is that it can replace your usual sugary drink; it is sweet enough to satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • It speeds up your metabolism. Many of the recipes of detox water include lemon, which is used very often in diets. Why? Because lemon is known to be an appetite suppressant; you will not be hungry all the time. Another important thing is that it will reduce bloating, and it can act like a natural diuretic.