Eid Outfit Ideas




Ramadan did not even start, but many of us are already thinking about Eid. Eid is one of the most important Islamic celebration, and every Muslim woman wants to look … festive. Even if you are not going outside because you are spending Eid with your family, you still need to put together a nice outfit. Check out these ideas and build your perfect outfit:


A casual outfit is perfect for a simple, intimate party. The secret is not in what you wear, but in HOW you wear it. A simple blouse with a patterned shirt can look very festive and elegant, and you don’t have to struggle too much. Make sure to choose the colors right; one of the colors of the pattern needs to be on your shirt!



This outfit looks “Très chic” right? Well, it’s extremely simple. This is not a dress, nor a fancy shirt. It’s just a simple scarf, smartly wrapped around your neck and decorated with a belt. Take a simple pair of jeans, a simple black top, and a colorful scarf and.. voila! The perfect outfit without any effort.



Many Muslim women don’t feel comfortable in jeans, but they still want a very comfortable outfit for the day. Well, Harem Pants might be the right choice for you in this case. They are wide enough to allow you to move freely without showing your body. Most of them come in amazing prints, so you only need a simple blouse to complete your outfit!


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