Facts about fasting






Tommorow Ramadan starts in most of the countries, and everyone is celebrating. With all this, it’s easy to forget that fasting is not only beneficial for our soul, but also for our body. A few years back, no one could imagine that staying without food could be healthy. Since when starving is a good thing?! Well, Muslims and non-Muslims specialists agreed: fasting is one of the best holistic treatments. Here are some interesting things about fasting:


  • It is one of the most appreciated holistic treatments. Many specialists recommend a water fasting for a few days or even more. This means that during a certain period of time, you will drink only water and you will not eat. Ramadan sounds easy now, right? Apparently, not eating gives time to your body to create new cells and repair old ones without spending energy on digestion.
  • It can shrink tumors and even cure them. Let me explain: when a tumor is present in someone’s body, the organism is using a “defense system” against it. Of course, since our body is so busy with digesting heavy meals all the time, the effect will not be so powerful. On the other hand, when we are not eating, our body can use all the energy to fight against enemies. Many studies show how patients with different types of tumors were improved after a few weeks of fasting.
  • We can live without food for one month. Yes, you heard well! I know that sometimes you feel that you will die if you don’t eat for a day, but this is very far from true. We have enough reserves in our body for one month or so; after that, the real hunger appears. What we feel after a few hours of not eating is just a fake sensation of hunger triggered by our daily habits (eating three meals per day). Now, I’m not saying that you should starve yourself for weeks, but it’s good to know the reality next time you think about breaking your fast.
  • Fasting can adjust our cholesterol and glucose level. And this is a fact! Very often we eat things that we don’t really need; chocolate, chips, fast-food. We eat them because they are tasty, not because out body needs them. During fasting, we eliminate all this for at least one day. Our cholesterol and glucose will reach to a normal level and it will cut our cravings.