How to Fight Loneliness – 8 Tips

large (54)You can live in the most beautiful city and feel empty. And also, you can be surrounded by millions of different people and still feel lonely. Loneliness is a state of mind, but in the same time you shouldn’t feel alone if you like the person you’re alone with, thus meaning yourself.


1. Find a New Hobby

Find a new hobby that will attract new people in your life, such as dancing, cooking class, yoga or gym. Whatever your particular interest is, there has to be some activity in this world you always wanted to try, but never had time. Well, now is the time, now is better than never, so jump into that tracksuit and head to the nearest gym.


2. Read a New Book

Read new types of books and discover different worlds. You will learn so much from the books that will motivate you to think more, act more and take your life into your own hands. Never be afraid that time spent reading will be time wasted.


3. Write

Pen is your best friend when you’re lonely. Just take a piece of paper and express yourself in the shape of poem, drawing or checklist. Whatever gets you going. Once you have it all written down, it will be much easier to realize that being lonely is inner state of being and doesn’t really depend on how many people we’re surrounded by, but more how many interesting conversations we have with ourselves.


4. Go and Explore New Places

Loneliness disappears when we travel. If you have opportunity to discover a new city, village or new cultures, custom and tradition you will not have time to even think about feeling lonely, let alone be lonely.


5. Make a Challenge for Yourself

Something you always wanted to do, but had fears or doubts about it. Today is the first day of the rest of your life and why not face a fear and overcome it? You will feel so much better and loneliness will disappear by itself.


6. Chocolate Cake

Still feeing lonely?  How about treating yourself to that large chocolate cake you’ve been dreaming for the last couple of days. I bet that hot fudge will bring a smile to your face at least for a while. You can find some great recipes in You Queen – your favorite magazine.


7. Put a Smile on Someone Else’s Face

Put a smile on someone else’s face and you will lighten up as well. This works so good that I practice it on the daily bases, not only when I feel lonely.


8. Reconnect with Your Friends and Family

Sometimes your parents will know how to treat you and help you better that you can help yourself.


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