Flawless foundation: the most common tools


We all know that when it comes to makeup, the foundation is the most important part. It does not matter how luxurious your eyeliner is; you still need to get flawless skin if you want to look perfect. Even so, not many women can transform their skin with one single cosmetic product. Very often, you use quality products, but they don’t look well enough on your face. This is because you don’t use the right tools and the right technique. I will explain to you what tools you can use to get a flawless finish.


  • Your fingers. I will start with this, even though it’s not exactly a tool. Many women choose to apply their foundation directly with their fingers because it seems easier. Even though it is comfortable, it’s not so great for your skin. You have bacteria on your hands than can easily attach to your face. If you are on the run and you don’t have anything else around, use your fingers but change the movement. Instead of spreading your foundation everywhere, pat it on your face. This will make the product stick to your face and look more natural.
  • A foundation brush. You have a brush for your blush, one for your bronzer, why not use one for your foundation? The truth is that a good brush will make the application much easier, and you will not miss those small areas around your nose. Besides, the brush will absorb some of the makeup, giving you a very fresh and dewy finish, not a heavy one. Make sure that you clean all your brushes every two weeks, so you don’t get any blemishes.
  • A beauty blender. This is the most popular beauty product at the moment, and for good reasons! A beauty blender is much more than a normal makeup applicator. It’s a special sponge that needs to be soaked in water before you use it. In this way, it will moisturize your face while you apply your foundation. Besides, its egg-like shape will allow you to apply the products under your eyes without any struggle.
  • A makeup applicator. This is my go-to solution when I am in a rush. It’s quick, simple, it gives me a great finish and I don’t have to worry about applying too much product. When you use a normal makeup sponge, apply the product on your hand, and only after that on the sponge. If you put a few drops of foundation directly on the applicator, it will absorb most of it. Also, don’t forget to buy a new sponge every two weeks; they tend to retain a lot of dust, and this is not something you would want on your face.