Floral pattern: how to wear it?



A floral pattern looks good all the time… if you know how to wear it! Since it’s so bright and colorful, it’s tricky to find something to match with it. Luckily, there are many possibilities and you don’t need to go shopping right now to find them; I am sure that you have everything you need already in your closet. Check out these ideas to find out how to wear  the floral print, even if it’s on your hijab, skirt or shirt.




Wear it on your skirt! In general, women are scared to wear such bright skirts; they can easily become kitsch. Well, not if you keep the rest of your outfit simple. Make sure that your shirt and hijab are plain, preferably in a neutral color.



To wear a dress like this is very easy; you don’t need to add anything else. You can use very delicate accessories and a basic clutch; nothing more.


Floral pants? That will work too; as long as the rest of the outfit is in the same color range.


Anyone can wear a floral hijab, but not anyone can make it look good. The secret is to make sure that you have maximum 3 colors on you at the same time. If your hijab is very bright, you can “calm down” the outfit with a classic jacket.