Get ready fast in the morning: 4 tips



We all love to sleep, and I bet that you have to deal with this issue every day. You have to wake up and go to school or work, but unfortunately your body does not agree with you. This makes you press “snooze” for 30 minutes before you finally get up from bed. The result? Now you’re late, and you have to get ready quickly.

The good news is that there are some things that you can do to be ready fast and to look good at the same time. You will feel great the entire day and you can get as much sleep as you want. Are you curious to try our tips? Check them out!


  • Prepare your clothes in the evening. As women, we never know exactly what we want to wear. If you are the kind of person who needs 30 minutes to get dressed, choosing your clothes in the morning is probably not a good idea. What you have to do is to prepare your clothes in the evening, before you go to sleep, and push yourself to wear them the second day even if you change your mind overnight. You will not believe how much time you can save with this!
  • Create a simple make-up routine. If you are a big fan of make-up like me, you know how hard it can be to choose the right eyeshadow for the day. Besides, you never know if it will rain so you have to spend 10 minutes searching for your waterproof mascara. All this might be fun, but it takes way too much time, so here’s an easy solution: create a simple routine. Prepare the products that you are going to use (the less products, the better) and stick to them in the morning. Now you can be ready in just 10 minutes!
  • Apply a face mask in the evening. Are you have troubles with your skin, and you need to apply several lotions on your face in the morning? Why not get rid of all this and apply a hydrating face mask? It will make your skin beautiful and clean, and you can save plenty of time only by doing this. Besides, you will maintain your beauty for a long time!
  • Eat a natural breakfast. And I am not saying this only because it will maintain you healthy, but also because it will save you quite some time. In the end, how many minutes you need to prepare a few pieces of fruits? You can eat oatmeal, vegetables, fruits, smoothies or nuts; all of them are full of nutrients and they will keep you full for the entire day!


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