Hair tricks for busy days



Let’s be honest: it’s not always easy to get a perfect hairstyle. Actually, you have to spend a few good hours in front of the mirror if you want to have that polished, stylish hairstyle. Sometimes you simply don’t have time to deal with all this and sometimes you prefer to sleep a few minutes more in the morning. How can you get ready fast and still look good?

  • Create a stylish ponytail. Very often you tie your hair hoping that it will make you look active and strong, but actually it makes you look tired and not in a good mood. To make that ponytail pop and stand out, you have to literally support it with two bobby pins. Pin them at the bottom of your ponytail, right on the elastic. Voila!


  • Create an updo in a few seconds. We all love a messy bun, but there’s no time for this in the morning! Luckily, there is a way to get a nice hairstyle with minimal effort. Divide your hair in two sections and tie them into a knot. Wrap the ends around the knot, fix with some bobby pins and leave some bangs outside to frame your face. Just the style you needed!


  • Curly hair? Nobody has time for that, unless there is a super-easy and super-fast way to get it. Believe it or not, there is! Instead of curling your hair “the normal way”, tie it into a ponytail first. Then take big piece of hair and wrap them around the curler. When you leave your hair down again, you will have amazing loose curls that will last all day!


  • Make a Mini Braid. Sure you don’t have time for something more complicated, but this simple hairstyle can give you the great look you need. If you want to go further, you can add a small flower at the bottom of your braid.



Now what are you waiting for? Try these tricks and tell us how good they are!



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