Harem pants: how to wear them?


Harem pants are the perfect piece of clothing if you ask me. They are comfortable, elegant, easy to wear and suitable for any occasion. Besides, as a hijabi you can be sure that they are modest. If you don’t know how to style yours, take a look at these ideas; maybe you’ll find some inspiration!




You can create a fasionable outfit by combining a simple denim shirt and a pair of printed harem pants. The secret is in the colors; the simple the better!




For an elegant night out you can wear your harem pants with a pair of high heels. It’s elegant yet modest and extremely stylish!




You have a “statement” pair of pants that you want to wear? Make sure that the rest of your outfit is simple, and that your hijab is in the same color.



Pastel colors are perfect for hot summer days, and you can wear them at any time and any place. Besides, even if your pants are printed they do not look too bold.




Polka dots pants are perfect for a walk outside or a day in school. They are cute and simple, and they will brighten your day.



If you want to feel like a movie start, you can go for the “extreme” version of harem pants. This style will definately get all the atention, and it will make you feel like a fashion icon!


A pair of floral pants, black top and shoes, simple accessories and you’re ready to go!