Hijab inspiration for Oval face



If you are a Hijabi, you know perfectly how much you struggle to find the appropriate Hijab style. Not everything looks great on your face shape; however, if your face is oval, you can consider yourself lucky.

Almost every style will look good on you, and it’s very easy to adjust the shape of your face. Do you want to make your face “shorter”? No problem! Do you want to make it “fuller”? Easy peasy! Take a look at these tutorials to create some amazing styles for your face shape!



  • Play with the folds! There is nothing more elegant than folds; you can wear them with a casual outfit or an elegant dress. Either way, they will emphasize the perfect shape of your face.


  • This style is amazing for those days when you are not in the mood for something funky. Besides, it is super comfortable for hot weather (we all know how difficult it is to wear hijab in the summer).



  • Folds and volume? There’s nothing better! Use a scrunchie to volumize your Hijab, or even a small old scarf that you are no longer wearing.


  • Back to basics! The classical style looks great on you and it takes no effort! You can easily wear this Hijab to school or work.




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