Hijab Inspiration for Round Face



If you have a round face, you might find it difficult to choose a suitable Hijab Style. All modern styles look amazing on long-faced girls, but they can make your cheeks look bigger and your face even more round. It sounds depressing, right? The good news is that there are many styles that will make you look stunning; you just have to know where to search. Here are some tips&tricks that will help you:



  • Don’t make your scarf tight around your face. This will only emphasize the shape that you are trying to hide. It’s always better for you to choose loose hijab styles, that will create an optic illusion and make your face appear longer. Besides, your chubby cheeks will magically disappear.


  • Wear a Turkish style hijab. This is the most flattering style for girls with round face; the “pointy” hijab will make your face look longer without too much effort. Besides, it’s very chic!


  • Choose plain scarves. You might be crazy about patterns, but these are not always suitable for you. If you do want to wear a pattern, make sure that it’s something simple; too many colors and shapes will make your face look more round and “full” than it is.


  • Don’t add too much volume. Many Hijabi’s use a big scrunchie to add volume to their hijab. However, it’s easy to step out of line with this; too much volume will make your entire head look “round”. Keep it as simple and classic as possible!


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