How to get perfect eyebrows!



As every makeup-passionate knows, our eyebrows need to be perfect if we want to have a flawless finish. It is not enough to brush them a few times; we need to give them the right treatment. When I’m not in the mood for makeup, I do my brows and that’s it! It makes my face look completely different, it makes me more expressive and more awake. It took me a while to understand how to define them, but it proved to be easier than I though. Follow this short guide to learn how to get the perfect brows!


Step 1: Contour your brows. Not everyone has perfect eyebrows; they are unequal, bushy or completely invisible (like mine). Not to mention that sometimes, they don’t even look like they have a shape. Well, to correct this you need a brow pencil in the same shade like your natural eyebrows. Start from the middle of the eyebrow, and slowly draw a line right on the edges of the brow. Don’t worry, that line will not be so obvious when you are done. Now you can make them thicker, or adjust their shape a bit.


Step 2: Fill them in! I prefer to use a brow powder because it’s easier to blend. However, you can do this step with any brow pencil that you have. Take a small amount of powder on the brush and fill the empty spaces in your brow. Start with the outside end of the brow, where the color should be more intense, and slowly make your way to the other end.



Step 3: Highlight. This is what most women forget, but it can really transform your face. Take a highlighting powder or a white pencil and color your brow bone. Make sure to blend the color so it will not be too obvious. This will make you seem more awake and it will make your eyebrows pop. To be sure that everything stays in place, here’s a small trick: spray some hairspray on an old mascara wand and run it through your eyebrows.


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