How to keep your nails healthy: useful tricks


We all know that a beautiful woman must always have beautiful hands. A delicate, elegant manicure is perfect for any moment of the day, and it can complete any outfit. However, not all women have the luck to have perfect healthy nails. Especially in the winter time, our hands can get dry, and our nails will refuse to grow. Here are some tricks that you can apply at home without too much effort:


  • Soak your nails in lemon juice. This is a trick that worked great for me a few years back, when I was having the bad habit of biting them. My nails were always short, and any attempt of keeping them long would end up with me frustrated, and my nails broken. After trying this for a few weeks, I was amazed. It’s not complicated at all: simply cut a lemon in half, and rub it on all your nails until the top of your fingers is covered in lemon juice. Let them try this way, without washing your hands in the next hour. Repeat it as often as you can, daily if possible, and your nails will become strong and healthy in a very short time.
  • Use olive oil for your hands. You probably use olive oil for your hair and face already (and if you don’t, you definitely should). Why not use it for your hands too? Put a few spoons of olive oil in a bowl, warm it up in the microwave for two minutes, then soak your fingers in it. Keep your nails in the oil for at least 5 minutes, then rub your palms to spread the oil that is left. It will moisture your skin and heal your nails in the process.
  • Do not use a metal file. Never, ever! It doesn’t matter if your nail just broke and you need to leave the house in two minutes. Using a metal file even once can ruin your nail for the next few weeks. It will separate the layers of your nail and soon enough, you will notice how your nails get chipped easily. There are plenty of alternatives on the market, files that are made from a softer material that will not cause any damage.
  • Always use a base coat. I know that sometimes you don’t even have time to put nail polish, not to mention a base coat. However, this is what will protect your nail from the chemical substances that are found in the nail polish. Choose a base that has nutritive properties, to be sure that your nails will be healthy and glowing.