How to survive a bad day


You woke up late in the morning, you did not have time to take breakfast and you spilled your coffee on your shirt. Later on, everything seems to go from bad to worst. You can’t wait to go home and find some peace, but you are not sure when this will be possible. You want to feel better and to avoid stressing yourself? Then follow these tips:


  • Take a solid breakfast. It does not matter that you are already late, or that you are not hungry. You can not function properly if you don’t eat enough; your body needs fuel. Besides, you know very well how happy a pancake can make you. Treat yourself and stop counting calories when you know that you will have a hard day. Eat your favorite food and choose a latte instead of a normal coffee.
  • Wear your favorite outfit. In days like this, you are ready to take the first t-shirt, because you don’t really care how you look. Well, that’s the first mistake. Women are complicated and most of the time, we feel good if we look good. Take 5 minutes to choose a dress that you love, and those glamorous shoes. This will put you in a good mood instantly!
  • Don’t stress yourself over small things. When you think about it, it’s like you have to solve 100 major things today. However, most of the time those “major things” are only unimportant details. Put aside all those things and put in mind to solve only 3 things for today. Once you will accomplish your goal, you will feel motivated to finish all your work.
  • Make plans for the evening. You need something to make you happy and to motivate you through the day. Why not make plans for the evening? Buy tickets for a movie that you want to watch for a long time, meet a friend or just plan a dinner with your spouse. When you feel like you can’t take it anymore, just think about what’s waiting for you in only a few hours. This will be enough to keep you smiling.