How to wear the leather jacket?



A leather jacket and a Hijab? Well, that’s a combination that not many women can pull off. Some people seem to think that the leather jacket should be worn only by cool-fashionable-tough women, and I’m fine with that. But who sais that Hijabis can’t be all this? Here is how to build your look around the leather jacket, without giving up modesty:


  • Wear it on top of a long, loose dress. You wear a dress all the time, but you want to make it seem more edgy? A black leather jacket is all you need. It does not really matter what other colors you are wearing; you will rock it anyway.


  • You love floral print, but sometimes it can be … too much. You are all about a delicate touch, but you don’t want to look like a walking garden. To complete your outfit you can add a brown leather jacket and a scarf to match the print. Now, that’s much better!


  • You have to go to a party and you already have an elegant dress and scarf. You don’t know how to cover your shoulders? With leather of course! Since it’s a special occasion, you can go for crazy colors and prints. As long as you feel good with it, everything is allowed!





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