How to whiten your teeth at home



If there is a sign of beauty present in every country, that is the white teeth. We automatically trust and like a person who has a shiny smile; it is an automatic response of our brain. This person looks healthy, we like them. On the market there are many products that promise to whiten your teeth, but most of the time these don’t work. In the worst case, they can give you the shiny smile that you want but damage your teeth at the same time. Luckily for you, there are some home-made recipes that will whiten your teeth without damaging them in any way:



  • Mix Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda. This is the most simple way to achieve whiter teeth without any effort. You mix these two ingredients and form a thick paste. Apply it on your teeth a few times per week for two minutes. Voila!
  • Eat strawberries or… rub them on your teeth. Yes, seriously. It is proved that strawberries will give you white teeth if you eat them very often. Besides, they are super tasty and healthy!
  • Brush your teeth with salt. You never wondered how people washed their teeth before toothpaste was invented? They were using salt to protect their gums against infections and to keep their teeth white. You can go back to basics and try this for a few days. You will never go back to toothpaste again!
  • Use coconut oil every morning. You will not eat it; you will only keep it in your mouth for five minutes. It will keep any infection away and it will give you a healthy smile.
  • Rub your teeth with orange peel. If you do it every day, you will notice a real improvement in your teeth. Besides, it’s fun and it will help you start your day with a smile on your face.


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