Keep your hair healthy: basic tips


Many people have the impression that a Hijabi does not have to worry about her hair. That’s wrong! It takes twice more care to have healthy hair, since you need to keep it in a bun most of the time. Besides, Hijabis tend to be very fashionable (in private, of course), so they would not neglect something as important as this. Forget about all the pricey treatments for your hair and scalp; there are some small things that you can do at home to replace all this. Take a look:


  • Protect your hair from the Sun. Maybe you are not wearing Hijab all the time, or maybe you like to spend a lot of time in your garden with your hair in the wind. Well, you have to know that this can be very damaging on long term. If we spend too much time in the Sun, our skin is burning, right? The same thing happens to our hair, except that we don’t feel it right away. However, we will see it when our hair will get dry and we will have split ends. To prevent all this, cover your head all the time; you can use a hat if it’s more comfortable.
  • Don’t brush your hair all the time. If you have very thin hair, you probably get knots very often. It’s tempting to brush it very often to get rid of these knots, but it’s not effective. This will do you any good, quite the opposite! It will break your hair and damage your scalp. Instead, use a special lotion for detangling.
  • Don’t use so many chemicals. You use two different types of shampoo, some balsam, a mask, some serum, a heat spray and so on. Each one of these products can be good for your hair, but not when you use them all in the same time. Believe it or not, they all contain chemicals. Inevitably these will weaken your hair with time. Try to keep it simple and to use only the products that you really need.
  • Apply a natural mask once per week. This is a great way to prevent future damage. You have so many options that you have no excuse not to try them : avocado, honey, milk, egg, bananas, coconut oil, olive oil. No, you are not making a cake; this is what you have to apply on your hair to make it shiny and strong. There is no need for expensive masks, when you can get everything you need from your fridge!


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