You lack energy? 5 tips that you can use

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We all have bad days when we can barely get up from bed. You do your best to put a smile on and start your day, but your body is not listening to you; you feel tired, without energy and you can’t focus to do anything properly.

This is not only uncomfortable for you, but also dangerous for your school and career. In order to be productive you need to make some small changes in your life. Check out these tips:


  • Give up the coffee. It might seem strange for you to give up coffee when you need it so much, but it is actually damaging for your body. When you drink too much coffee your body does not absorb properly certain nutrients, and this can put you in that lethargic mood that you know so well. Replace the coffee with black or white tea; it will wake you up but it does not contain anything harmful.
  • Create a sleep schedule. If one day you sleep at 10 p.m and the second you sleep at 2 a.m there’s no surprise that you are tired. Your body is not adjusted to your sleep schedule. Try to sleep every dau at the same time and make sure that you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep.
  • Take a cold shower in the morning. I know, it’s unpleasant to go under cold water when everything you want to do is sleep. However, this will wake you up right away and it will get your blood moving. You can even try a short massage while you are in the shower, to tone your skin.
  • Eat a good breakfast as soon as you wake up. And by “good” I mean a breakfast that will give you enough energy for the next hours. You can try bananas, berries, watermelon if you are the fruit type. Omelet, vegetables or cheese are also good ideas, especially if you have a long day ahead.
  • Take nutritional supplements. Of course, you only have to do this after you talk to your doctor. If you are doing everything right and you are still tired, you might have a vitamins defficiency. A few weeks of supplements and you will regain your energy and smile.


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