Laundry hacks that you can actually use!



Doing my laundry is one of the worst chores for me, and I always wait until the last day to do it. Of course, at some point I have to face my bad mood and clean my clothes.

The problem is that very often I find myself in impossible situations and I’m sure you can relate. You have no time to do your laundry, you do it and the clothes are not clean, the clothes have bad smell and so on. The result is always the same: I have to call a friend and ask for some clean, ready-to-wear clothes so I can go to work looking and … smelling like a decent person.

When I saw this video, I knew right away that I am going to use all these hacks. To begin with, I have dozens of pairs of pants that I can’t wear because the color is going out of the fabric. This will not only destroy all the other clothes, but it will also make my pants look older than they actually are. The easy fix? Mix some water and salt and let the pants sit in this solution for some time.

Another interesting hack is to remove the smell from your clothes by putting them in the freezer. How is this useful? Well, imagine you cooked all day and your shirt smells like food, although it is perfectly clean. You want to wear it for work but you can’t go there smelling like your kitchen. An easy fix? Put your shirt in a bag and place the bag in the freezer over night. There you go, no smell in the morning!

Now, what if this shirt is made from a sensitive material that will shrink if you wash it? It’s simple! Use cold and not hot water to wash it. For more similar hacks, take a look at the video:


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