Makeup for glasses


In the last years, glasses became really fashionable and many women are wearing them even if they don’t need them. As chic as they look, we can not deny the fact that it is difficult to find a good makeup style to wear with them; you spend 30 minutes with your makeup, you put your glasses and all your hard work is gone. Well, maybe you forgot that you have to apply some special tricks when you wear glasses:


  • Contour your eyebrows. If you don’t usually do it, this might be one of the reasons why your makeup does not look good. When you wear glasses, the frames can hide the thin eyebrows, so you have to emphasize them. You can use a pencil or plain brown eyeshadow; it will work either way.
  • Apply white on your waterline. There are special eye pencils for your waterline, that are soft and will not irritate your eyes. This will make your eyes look bigger and it will make the rest of your eye makeup really noticeable.
  • Make sure your lipstick is matching the frames. If you have blue frames and you add purple eyeliner and pink lipstick, you will look a bit strange. If you don’t want any complications, a nude lipgloss will save you.
  • Apply mascara on your bottom lashes. This will contour your eyes and it will give you that “glamour” look. If you are out for dinner, you can even apply a glittery brown under your lower lashes.
  • Use an illuminator for your browbone. It will make your eyebrows seem more defined, and it will lighten up your entire face. This means that your glasses will not give you the “tired” look again.
  • Always use bronzer. It does not matter what skin tone you have; it will contour your face and it will give you the “sun kissed” look that we all love.


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