Makeup hacks that you should use



How much time are you spending in front of the mirror every day? Ten minutes, twenty, one hour? The truth is that the time does not really matter; what matters is how you look when you are done putting your makeup. As every other woman out there, you are always searching for new techniques that you can apply. You want your makeup to last longer, to be less “messy” and so on. Well, why not try some of these tricks? You will be pleasantly surprised!


  • Use concealer to make your lipstick last longer. We all have that shade of lipstick that looks amazing, but it disappears after a few minutes of wearing it. You can easily solve this problem by applying some concealer on your lips before the actual lipstick. Make sure that you use a light concealer, and that you blend it properly.
  • Use baby powder to make your lashes fuller. You have a dozen of mascaras, but none of them seems to work? You can get full lashes with this simple trick: use a mascara wand to apply on your lashes some baby powder before you apply the mascara. The effect will amaze you!
  • Make your eye pencil more intense with fire. It sounds scary, but it’s a simple trick. If you have a black pencil that is not as intense as you want, keep it for a few seconds above an open flame. Voila! The most intense pencil that you every had.
  • Fix your mascara. You forgot your mascara open and now it’s dry? Put inside a few drops of Artificial Tears solution, or even solution for your contacts. It will no do any damage to your lashes, but it will make your mascara as good as new.
  • Remove your nail polish with perfume. If you have to go somewhere and you have no Acetone in the house, perfume will save you. Of course, this is not something that you should do all the time, but it will save you in a desperate situation.
  • Wash your hair with Vinegar. Don’t worry, your hair will not smell funny after this. If you are out of Shampoo and your hair is dirty, Vinegar is a great choice. Mix five spoons of vinegar with one cup of warm water. Rinse your hair with this mixture and let it dry like usual!