Makeup tips for oily skin



It usually goes on like this: you put your makeup on, you feel awesome and one hour later your entire face is shining because of excess oil. If you add more powder, your face will look cakey and if you don’t, everyone will ask why are you sweating so much. Well, because we know the struggles that girls have to face, we gathered some awesome makeup tricks that you can apply if you have oily skin.


  • Use a mattifying primer. You only prime your face when you go to events? Big mistake! A good primer will absorb all that excess oil from your skin and it will allow you to apply your foundation without problems. Besides, you can be sure that your makeup will stay on all day long, without having to fix it every 30 minutes!
  • Stop applying the foundation with your fingers. Yes, it is more comfortable and more fast, but it is not necessarily better! If you apply your foundation with a sponge, you will absorb some of the oil and you will fix the product on your skin. Try it a few times and you will not use anything else.
  • Always apply a translucent powder. It does not matter how hot it is outside, if it’s raining or if you are in a rush. A translucent powder will save you from any problems if you apply it correctly; besides, it will prevent your T-zone from getting shiny.
  • Use a blotting paper from once in a while. Like I said, if your face is shiny the powder will only make it worst. Instead of this, use a blotting paper to absorb the oil; if you want, you can apply again makeup after that to cover the spot that you just cleaned.
  • Don’t use too much highlight. If you use too much highlight on your cheeks and your skin gets greasy, you will look like you just participated in a marathon. Go for matte products, like a bronzer or a contour powder.