Makeup trends for this summer


Every year, we find ourselves surprised by the new makeup trends. Things that seemed so old fashioned last year, can be now on every magazine cover. This summer is no exception, so take a look at what is “in” and what is “out” in the next months:

  • Eyebrows. A few months ago, everyone was desperately trying to get those perfectly lined eyebrows. Highlighting, brushing, waxing, everything was allowed to obtain those amazing lines that will frame your face. Well, luckily for us, this year natural eyebrows are “in”. Forget about brow pencils and brushes, just fill them in with a natural color!


  • Lips. If our eyebrows should be natural this year, our lips get to stand out. Purple, hot pink, these are the most popular colors to wear on your lips. Of course, when you use such a lipstick you have to make sure that you use a very natural makeup for your eyes.


  • Foundation. Remember that crazy contour that everyone was wearing last year? You can stop struggling because it became old fashioned already. Makeup specialists decided that this summer, we need to adopt a very natural look, where freckles are the star. Choose a low coverage foundation, a coral blush and you’re ready to go!