Natural supplements: are they healthy?


When I was young, my mother would give me all the vitamins that she could find on the market. I can’t say that this made me more healthy or strong, but it definitely made me curious about all these natural supplements. Some doctors say what they are necessary, others say that they are damaging. What’s the truth?


  • Not all of them are natural. Let’s say that you discovered that you have lack of Calcium in your body, and you are planning to fix this deficiency. If you go to the pharmacy and ask for Calcium supplements, you will notice that a big part of them contain a lot of chemicals that you don’t need. Besides, the dose of Calcium is not always clear, and to have more Calcium than you need in your body can be extremely dangerous.
  • You should not take them in the morning. If you do take this kind of supplements, you probably take them in the morning before breakfast. Well, this can mess up your digestion and it can lead to stomach problems.
  • Children don’t always need vitamins. Many parents give their children vitamins to compensate any deficiency. However, most of the time those children don’t need anything more. They already take all the nutrients from food, so natural supplements will do them more good than bad. Only a doctor can really say if someone needs supplements or not.
  • You can prepare at home most of them. If you want to strengthen your immunity or make sure that you have enough vitamins in your body, you can make natural supplements at home. Add in a jar a few spoons of grated ginger, honey and lemon juice and let the mixture sit in the fridge for three days. You can take a spoon of this mixture every day after breakfast to strengthen your immunity and improve your digestion.