No time for exercise? No problem!




We all know that keeping fit is important, but we are not always eager to go to a gym. Most of the time we have something else to do, we don’t like the place or we don’t want to pay for a subscription. I am sure that you can find yourself in this situation, so what is the solution?

You need to find a way to keep yourself active without actually running on a treadmill. Is this possible? Yes. If you make small changes in your daily routine you will notice positive changes in your body and energy levels in no time. Here are some things that you can do to tone your body:


  • Carry the groceries by yourself. You probably go to the store pretty often, no to mention your long shopping sessions. When you are done, your first instinct is to take a taxi till home. Save some money and improve your physical condition by carrying the groceries instead of taking a car. It might seem like nothing, but if you do this every week your arms will look toned and fit.
  • Give up public transportation. How much time do you spend every day in the bus? 20, 30 minutes? Imagine how many calories you can burn if you would spend this time walking. It is well known that walking (or jogging) is the most complete exercise; it will work on all your muscles in the same time and it will help you burn calories fast.
  • Exercise…in the shower! When you wake up in the morning you are in a rush to get ready for work or school. You can not afford to spend 30 minutes exercises. However, you have to spend at least 10 minutes in the shower so you can take advantage of this time. Make 10 squats while you wash your hair, or do a wall-sit while brushing your teeth. Believe me, even these small things will matter.
  • Get yourself busy. Let’s say you are at work and you want to discuss something with your colleague. Most of the time you will send an e-mail, because it is much more comfortable. Well, try to go to his office instead and discuss face to face. Even this small action will matter on the long term; with time, you will get used to being active and you will look better and better.