No time for makeup? No problem!


We, as women, are incredibly busy every single day. We must handle school, work, family, children and to look good on top of everything. It does not matter if it’s 6 a.m and we just woke up; we need to look perfect in front of everyone. Our hijab (our hair) needs to stay in place, our makeup to hide the dark circles and our skin to glow.

As much as we try, in some days things will not go as expected. You will wake up late, forget to print a project and burn the breakfast; not to mention that you have to be in the car in 30 minutes and you are still in your pyjamas. How can you look presentable in such a short time?


  • Take a shower and scrub your skin. It does not matter if you took a shower the night before; it will make your skin look fresh and it will wake you up. Besides, it’s easier to style your hair if it’s still a little bit wet. Try to rinse your face and hair with cold water when you finish your shower; it will make your skin and hair glow.
  • Apply some argan oil on your hair and make a ponytail. You have no time to style your hair or apply all the usual products. Argan oil will get rid of the frizz and it will keep your hair soft for the rest of the day. A ponytail is always chic and elegant, so no need for a flat iron or curler.
  • Use a tinted moisturizer. It takes a long time to properly apply your moisturizer, primer, foundation, powder and so on. The good news is that you can replace one this with a tinted cream; it will hydrate your skin and hide any blemishes.
  • Contour your eyebrows. Even if you have no time for anything else, you can’t neglect this step. Eyebrows will give definition to your face, and they will make you look like you actually took your time to apply makeup. If the rest of your face is neutral, just use a crayon to fill your brows- nothing too bold.
  • Use mascara instead of eyeliner. Of course, you can’t create a cat-eye with mascara, but you can bring some color to your eyes. When you apply the mascara press the wand at the bottom of your lashes stronger than usual. This will create a thin line and it will make you look like you actually wear eyeliner.
  • Apply a lip balm instead of lipstick. You have no time to deal with bad lipstick and it would not fit your simple look anyway. A tinted lip balm will bring you some color and moisture to your lips and it takes just a few seconds to apply. You’re ready!


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