Not enough cleaning wipes? Make your own!


As women, we always need more wipes. We use them around the house, to clean the furniture, to wipe our make-up, to clean after the kids and so on. On the other hand, if we use as many as we need in one day, we will spend our entire salary on this item alone.

Unfortunately, cleaning wipes are not cheap at all, not to mention that you can’t use them too many times. This means that you have to stock up with wipes every time you find a cheap brand, and this does not happen very often.

Another problem that you have to consider is what these wipes really have inside. Most of them smell really nice and they seem to clean any spot, but are they really healthy? Can you wipe the table with them and then allow your child to eat from the same place? I wouldn’t be so sure. No matter how “safe” are they supposed to be, chemicals are chemicals and they are never for our body.

With this being said, why not make your own cleaning wipes? You will know for sure that none of the ingredients will damage your skin, and you can make them whenever you want without spending a fortune.

What you need? Not much! A towel, some rubbing alcohol, some dish soap and a few free minutes. Watch this video to see what you have to do!


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