Packing list: must-haves for vacation





As women, we want to look good all the time. It takes a few good minutes to be ready for the day, and we need our entire arsenal of cosmetic products. But how can you do this while traveling? Flight companies have very strict policies regarding luggage and allowed objects, and if you try to sneak anything in, you can get a fine. We all know that flying for hours is exhausting, not to mention waiting for your connection flight in some strange airport. You need something to keep you looking good, fresh and awake without getting you in trouble with airport security. Take a look at this list and see if you did not forget something while packing!




  • Wet wipes. And this is not just for cleaning your hands. Let’s say that you have to stay more than 5-6 hours in an airport, waiting for your flight. In this time, your makeup will probably be destroyed, and you want to look good when you reach to your destination. Since you can’t bring makeup remover in your hand luggage, you can use wet wipes to correct or wipe your makeup. It is not an ideal solution and you should not do it all the time, but it works perfectly in desperate cases.
  • Petroleum jelly. Or also known as “vaseline”. On the airplane, you will get dry hands, chapped lips, dry patches on your face and so on. Of course, you can’t bring a lotion for each of these problems, so bring one that will fix them all. Vaseline will hydrate dry skin, it will refresh your makeup when you need it and you can even use it to arrange your hair!
  • Nail file and hair brush. You might think that everyone is bringing this; well, I usually don’t. It’s nothing worst than to have a broken nail in the airport, not to mention a crazy hair day. Make sure that your file is made from plastic or another material; if it’s made from metal you might have problems with the security.
  • Bandages, pads, pills. I hope that you will never need them during travel, but it’s still good to have them. To buy some headache pills from an airport will cost a fortune, and you will be lucky if you find some pads. Everything is overpriced, and you don’t want to spend your money on nothing.
  • A sweater and a pair of fuzzy socks. It does not matter if you travel to the sea; it will still be cold on the airplane. Not all companies provide blankets, and only a few will give you socks. Better safe than sorry!



  • IPTV