Prepare your skin for the summer: life hacks

507dd9e8c7854b18632bba8df9fa3e59I am sure that every girl wants glowing skin. Some of us are lucky enough to have flawless skin without too much struggle, while others… well, let’s just say I spend more on cosmetics than I do on food. Now, since not everyone has the patience to put facial masks all day long, we need to find some solutions that are not only cheaper, but also faster and more accessible. Summer can be a problematic time for anyone, even if you have dry or oily skin. These tips will teach you how to prepare your skin for hot weather:


  • Hydrate yourself. Yes, I know, you keep hearing this. The truth is that no matter how many products you use for your face, they will not work if your skin is not hydrated. In the summer you sweat, you stay in the sun, and you need even more moisture. Make sure that you keep a small bottle of water with you everywhere, and take a sip from once in a while.
  • Use SPF products. Since you don’t go to the beach, you don’t need one, right? Wrong! SPF products are necessary all year long, but they are an absolute must in the summer time. Even if you drive or just walk around the city, the sun will burn your skin. The thing with most of SPF creams is that they are too oily to be applied under your foundation. Instead of struggling with this, buy a foundation that does have SPF incorporated. Believe me, it will make all the difference in the world!
  • Use a face wash. In the evening, many of us remove the makeup and go to sleep. However, are you really sure that all the makeup is gone? In the summer, cleaning your face is more important than ever. You are sweating and opening your pores, which means that you are more likely to get dust in your pores than usually. You know what this means? Pimples, lots of them! To be safe, use a face wash every time you come from outside. Make sure that you apply a moisturizer or face serum after that.
  • Use a Facial Scrub. People with dry skin tend to avoid face scrubs, because they feel that this will dry their face even more. This is not true! Actually, when you scrub your face you remove the dead skin cells, you moisturize the young ones and you allow your skin to heal. Why is this more important in the summer? Well, let’s just say that sun spots are not so nice. If you have dry patches on your face and you get tanned, you will get darker spots here and there, and this is not something we want.
  • Apply refreshing face masks. In the winter, we tend to apply moisturizing face masks, that kind of heavy-dense-scented mask. Well, in the summer you need something light, that will hydrate your skin without making it oily. It’s the season of fruits and vegetables, so take advantage of this. Some slices of cucumber will leave your skin fresh and shiny, while avocado will moisture your skin and calm down any sunburn.


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