Room decorations for Ramadan




Alright, let’s be honest: not everyone can make DIY art. Actually, most of us can barely put a painting on the wall without destroying something else. Even so, Ramadan is a special time for all of us, and we don’t want to celebrate by paying a small fortune on some decorations. There are many options on the market, but why not try to make something by yourself? There are many projects that you can make; all you need is time, patience and… luck!




Create your own Ramadan lights! I am sure you have a few empty jars around the home, and glass paint is easy to find. You can play with colors and textures, add glitter or metallic paint and even small artificial flowers. Let them dry for a day, place a candle inside and enjoy the festive atmosphere!



If your family is like mine, you probably have many old, strange-looking lamps around the house. Well, let’s transform them into something more spectacular! Use a large needle and poke holes in the material of the lamp. You can make any shape you want; writing “Ramadan Kareem” seems like a good idea. Your guests will be impressed, and you will improve the aspect of your home.


We took care of your furniture and decorations, now let’s pay some attention to your bed. It’s nice, but dull most of the time. Well, glitter can make a difference! You don’t need any talent to do this; this is as simple as it gets! Take a medium size pillow -preferably without a pattern- and make a drawing on it with transparent glue. A heart, small flowers, whatever you like. Then, place glitter all over the pillow, and flick the pillow. The excess glitter will go away, but the drawing that you made will be spectacular. Try to make this entire operation outdoors; glitter is nice, but you don’t want it all over your room.



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