Secret Bra Tricks that will change your life!



Finding the right bra is not an easy job, and it is even more difficult to keep it in a good shape. You need to pick the right color, the right shape, the right material and to make sure that it does not get deformed. Who would have thought that such a small piece of clothing can cause so much trouble?

The good news is that you can change your style and try new things by applying these Bra tricks!


You know the story: you have a favorite bra and one day you discover that it lost its shape. It’s almost impossible to fix it, so now you have to throw it. How can you prevent this? Instead of putting your bras in the drawer, hang them all on a hanger. Easy fix!

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We all have that dress with a low back, and we know how difficult it is to find a bra that looks good and feels comfortable. Instead of spending a fortune on a bra, create your own special bra for low back shirts and dresses. Cut the sides of your bra and get three bra straps in a dark color. Attach them on the sides of your bra, like shown below, and enjoy your day looking fabulous!

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You always have to make sure that you look good, so when you notice that your bra strap is obvious you feel frustrated. Is there a way to prevent these accidents? Of course yes! Start a new DIY project and sew a small strip of material on the inside of your shirts. Attach a clasp button and clasp it around the strap. Problem solved!



You have a new tank top but no bra to wear with it? All you have to do is to catch the straps of your bra using a paper clip. No one can see it now!





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