Spoil your pet: create a DIY Dog Bed


If you have a pet, for sure you know what unconditional love feels like! You share every moment with your pet, you go outside together and you want to give him the best that you can give, even if this means that you will have no time for yourself.

Now, buying a Dog Bed can be pretty expensive, not to mention that the styles that you find on the market are not as always as nice as you’d want them to be. Some of them are also made from bad materials, and if your Dog is more active you might find out that you spent your money on a bed that ended up in pieces. You want to prevent this and you want to create something by your own hand, but how?

Well, this video will show you how! For sure you have some pieces of old furniture in the storage, and if you don’t you will find them for only a few coins. One man’s trash is another’s man treasure: you can create something incredible from an old small table!

Before you start this DIY project you have to make sure that you choose the right size for your dog. There is no point go get a huge table if your dog is not bigger than your palm, and of course your big Husky will not fit in a bed made from a small coffee table. If you are not sure that the size is right, you can ask your dog to sit on the table that you will use before you start the project.

Once this part is done, gather all the materials and ask for help if you are not very handy. You will be working with some sharp materials, and you don’t want anything bad to happen. Are you ready? Take a look!