Spring Hijab Tutorial


If you wear the Hijab, you know how tricky it can be to find the right Hijab style for the spring time. You are no longer wearing heavy clothes, and you want to welcome the new season with a happy, fresh and comfortable style. Unfortunately, this is not easy to achieve.

First of all, you have to find materials that will not make you feel hot. In some parts of the world spring can be pretty warm, and you don’t want to spend your days trying to get home faster so you can take off your scarf. Light and easy materials are the best, and once you know how to arrange them they can be very good looking. When you buy your spring scarves make sure that the material is not transparent, and that you will not destroy it if you use normal pins.

Although you have many colors and patterns to choose from, it’s always good to adapt the color of your hiijab to the weather outside. This means that in the next few months you should focus on pastel colors, happy patterns and colorful accessories.

Another thing that you need to consider is the shape and the color of your Underscarf. In the spring time you will wear loose Hijab styles, and you need an underscarf to cover your hair perfectly. The Ninja ones are the best for this time of the year, and they come in different colors and patterns. Besides, you will never feel hot and you will never have to worry that your skin will show.

In this video you can see how you can arrange your Hijab in just a few minutes. You will get a comfortable, but interesting style that will look good no matter what you wear. Plus, it’s super simple! Check it out:


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