Summer trend: pointed shoes



This summer, these are the most fashionable shoes that you can get. Besides their adorable appearance, you can count on the fact that pointed shoes will make your legs appear longer and thinner. They can make any outfit look good, and they are extremely comfortable for the summer. What can you want more?! Take a look at these pictures to know how to wear them:


Pointed sandals and skinny jeans: this is the image of relaxation. You can go out, to school or shopping with this outfit and you will feel perfect.





Pointed creepers. If you want to feel different, these shoes will give you the edgy look that you are searching for. Leather, neon colors and animal print will work for this style, as long as you “wear” the right attitude.








You can build an office outfit from basic pieces; no need to go fancy. Pointed flats will make you look elegant and feel comfortable at the same time.



You have to go somewhere after school but you don’t have time to change your outfit? No problem! Just add a pair of pointed heels, a scarf to match and … Voila! You look perfect for any stylish party.





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