Tell me how you sleep and I will tell you who you are!

Beautiful young woman sleeping
Beautiful young woman sleeping


Did you ever think that your sleeping position actually means something? For sure you did not, but today you will discover some new aspects of your personality. Apparently, scientists discovered that your sleeping position has everything to do with your personality, mood and even health condition. Are  you curious to know more? Here we go:

The Fetal position. This is probably the most common sleeping position, and if you ask me it is also the most comfortable one. Apparently, people who sleep in this way feel the need to be protected, and although they look harsh and strong, they are soft on the inside. Did you know that this is the position of the fetus in the womb?




The soldier. As a messy sleeper, I never managed to get rest in this position. However, there are people who actually enjoy it. The ones who sleep in this position are, as the name suggests, as rigid as soldiers are. They set the rules, they follow them and they correct the ones who dare to make a mistake. Next time you make a new friend, ask him about his sleeping position.



The log. This position looks very funny, and so are the ones who use it for sleeping. They are nice, reliable people who are always ready to give you a hand when you need it. Also, they are honest and straight forward; you will only get the truth from them!


The Yearner. The “yarners” are the kind of people you get afraid of in the beginning. They can be sarcastic and even mean sometimes, and it’s hard to love them if you are not a big fan of jokes. On the other hand, once they consider you as a friend you can count on them entirely, as they are powerful and trustworthy.



Do you want to know more about your friends? Plan a sleep over and study their sleeping positions. Even though it might be a little bit creepy, at least you will know what to expect from them. Just Kidding! Or not?


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